Chiseled Performance thanks its customer,

Paul Ferrucci

1981 chevy malibu (street car)

406 sbc Scrivener Performance

F2 reverse Procharger

H&H powerglide

Ultimate converter

10" Moser 12 bolt 373 gears

295 drag radial

3000HP IC

Custom Water tank

1500 hp with 30 lbs of boost

1300hp with 20 lbs

3650 with driver

ran best 8.28@167 on drag radials with only 20 lbs of boost so far

3 time nmca champion in true street

04 winner at atco and maple grove

2007 winner at the superbowl in joilet

nmca true street record  8.32@167 in true street trim

Video from Procharger of the Chicago race

Paul has recently run a best of 8.15@170


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