Chiseled Performance thanks its customer,

Steve Morris Engines

Steve has our 4000HP IC and Custom Combo Tank

Here is some info from Steve on this beast!


My shop car is a 1993 Caprice Wagon .

This is my primary test bed for big, dependable power.

This is powered by one of my 2300+ HP intercooled , Blow Through Dominator, race gas BBC's

At the Cars Current weight of 3650lbs it has gone 7.51 at 190+mph

Over the winter I had the Suspension redone by Ron at to cure a nasty habit of big wheelies that has been really holding the car back.

Now the car feels like it is on rails and I am on the hunt for 6's at 200+ mph.



Here is a pic of one of Steve's 2100HP Gas Engines

Steve uses our intercoolers and water tanks for all his customers

For more info on the wagon and this engine, pls visit


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